Geological profiles from Martin Burkhard (Neuchâtel) through Glarus thrust (red line) illustrating the youngest uplift of the Aarmassiv (right) and related thrusting in the Subalpine Molasse (left). This is the history after the Glarus thrust was active. Rahn et al. (1997) showed with apatite fission track analysis that the uplift of the Aarmassiv and antiformal bending of the Glarus thrust started about 10 Ma ago. The uplift of the Aarmassiv is interpreted here as due to antiformal stacking of thrust slices. Note that timing of thrusting in the Subalpine Molasse is poorly constrained and did not necessarily take place during uplift of the Aarmassiv.

Light blue: mesozoic cover of Aarmassiv.
Light yellow: North Helvetic Flysch (NHF) and Lower Marine Molasse (UMM).
Darker yellow: "Exotic" Flysch (Blattengrat and Sardona units).

OSM: Upper Freshwater Molasse.
OMM: Upper Marine Molasse (Black).
USM: Lower Freshwater Molasse.

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