Glarus Thrust below Tschingelhörner and Ofen. At left end: Piz Grisch (2902 m). At right end: Martinsloch and Pass dil Segnas (Segnespass, 2627 m). The thrust itself is marked by a thin (20-50 cm) very light grey layer of Lochseiten limestone. Above the thrust: "Helvetic" Permian "Verrucano". Below the thrust: (i) "Subhelvetic" slivers of light grey Cretaceous limestones and slightly yellowish/brownish Eocene greensands and (ii) "Infrahelvetic" sardona Flysch unit (almost black Eocene shales, sandstones and quartzites, grey cretaceous Globotruncanen limestone and -marls. At far left below the thrust also black Tertiary shales from Blattengrat Flysch Unit.

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