Glarus Thrust with Martinsloch seen from SE

Bas den Brok

Small scale tectonics

  • Effect of water on the mechanical behaviour of rocks
  • Microfracturing, Stress-Corrosion
  • Pressure solution
  • Force of crystallisation (e.g. gypsum)
  • Experimental deformation of quartz plus water in-situ in diamond anvil press
  • Texture and fabric development
  • Deformation driven by chemical reactions

Selected experimental projects until November 2004

Large-scale tectonics

  • Alpine thrust and nappe tectonics (complex histories; driving force issues, e.g.. gravity)
  • Glarus Thrust (complex tectonic history, mapping)
  • Mechanical effect of large-scale mass removal by solution transfer
  • Extensional core complexes: extensional detachment enigma, role of unconformities
  • Major impacts and plate tectonics impacts driving tectonic processes?
  • Intrusion mechanics solid versus liquid state intrusion.

Research methods include literature study and compilation of existing data, numerical modeling, experimental modeling, field work, interpretation of small-, meso- and large-scale structures, optical microscopy, SEM- and EBSD-analysis, c-axes analysis, cooperation with colleagues from other disciplines.

Last updated April 4, 2009